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AboutMatch is the fastest and safest way to find quality call centre or contact centre outsourcing companies: just answer a few quick questions and we’ll connect you with vetted contact centres which meet all your needs, from budget and location to industry specialisation.  

It’s important to understand that there’s no one-size fits all with contact centre services outsourcing. Each supplier has a different niche and target market, so it’s unwise to rely on random lists in supplier directories, and the hundreds of thousands of results a search engine might return.  In as little as 60 seconds, you can narrow down your criteria to just the contact centres that suit your business need through AboutMatch.

What type of work and channels can be outsourced

Thanks to the Internet and social media revolution of the last decade, contact centres now manage a variety of channels, not just telephone. Think email, SMS, video, Facebook, Twitter and live chat sales and service. All these channels have made the business of running a contact centre far more complex from a people, process and technology perspective than the call centres of 20 years ago. This is where call centre outsourcing companies can add huge value, as this is their core business, and they have the infrastructure and best practices to support multi-channel operations.

Some firms are repositioning their outsource operations as customer engagement hubs, merging the silos of contact centres and marketing to deliver seamless end-to-end customer experience.

The applications for contact centre outsourcing services are endless, as any imaginable type of customer contact can theoretically be outsourced. Alongside the common candidates for outsourcing – sales, service and technical support – are collections, emergency response, legal and health advice, to name a few.

Locations for contact centre outsourcingLocations for contact centre outsourcing

Throughout the UK and Europe, the march towards outsourcing continues to gather pace. There are hundreds of companies providing call centre outsourcing in the UK alone, ranging in size from a handful to thousands of seats. That’s not to mention the smorgasbord of locations offshore catering to UK businesses – such as South Africa, the Philippines, India and Poland. The good news for UK businesses is that the choice has never been better, and AboutMatch can guide you to reputable suppliers no matter what your location preferences are. If you’re concerned about accent, we can also provide you sample audio files of calls from a range of countries, to help you make a more informed decision.

How much does it cost to outsource a call centre or contact centre?

The cost of an outsourced solution varies wildly, depending on:

·         Location

·         Work type

·         Skills and expertise required

·         Hours of operation

·         Channels (phone, email, web chat, social media etc.)

·         Contact volumes

·         Call arrival patterns, and

·         Language requirements

The most common models for outsourced call centre or contact centre pricing are:

·         Hourly rates. This is where you pay a fixed hourly rate which bundles all the cost components of running a contact centre, from the wages of dedicated agents, team leaders, managers, shared trainers, quality and support staff to the cost of the facility, technology and telecommunications.  Then there is an allocation of corporate overhead, covering accounting and legal, general management, sales and marketing. Some people are surprised to learn that the direct wages component may only account for 50-60% of the overall price you are charged. Beware of different definitions of “hourly” rates, as there is a world of difference between a “logged hour” rate (where you only pay for the time agents are logged into the system ready to manage customer contacts) versus a timesheet or attendance hour (where you pay a lower hourly rate, but for more hours). 

·         Per contact / per minute rates. Per contact / per minute rates are the default pricing model for shared operations, that is, where the same contact centre agents are trained to manage multiple companies’ customer service interactions.  “Bureau” call centres, which provide message-taking and answering services, often 24x7, are a prime example.  Telephone interpreter services are another example. Per contact rates also used in dedicated contact centre operations sometimes – this is usually the client’s preference rather than the outsourcer’s, as the outsourcing company absorbs much of the risk around unpredictable volumes and effective workforce management.

·         Per customer fee. In niches such as concierge services, the outsourcer may provide an annual per customer/per member price based on the number of members the subscribing organisation has. This only works where service usage can be modelled with a high degree of accuracy based on historical data and experience.

·         Monthly retainers. When volumes are low, or stable, a fixed monthly retainer is sometimes negotiated. An additional per contact fee may be charged if certain volume thresholds are exceeded.  

·         Performance based pricing. Businesses are more and more looking for pricing based on outcomes, particularly where the objective is customer acquisition or lead generation. Per lead, per sale and per appointment rates are common in this environment, however some outsourcers will insist on a fixed fee pilot first, before committing to a fully variable model.

If you’re unsure which pricing model will work best for your business, contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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