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Guiding Principles


Simplicity is a principle which AboutMatch abides by in every aspect of its business.  AboutMatch simplifies the process for suppliers to find new business, and simplifies the process for companies to find new suppliers. Our on-line buyer questionnaires are concise and should take no more than a few minutes to complete.  We trust you will find our website easy to use!


Integrity defines AboutMatch's value proposition:  we do not favour any suppliers within our database, and use an objective data-matching process to shortlist suitable suppliers to match business needs. We pride ourselves on always representing the best interests of the clients who use our matching service.


Passion for successful “business matchmaking” is what makes us tick – we get a thrill out of finding the best solutions for companies’ needs and creating a more effective buyer/supplier marketplace.  We are passionate about reducing the time people waste in looking for the right suppliers, and the frustration and cost of ill-informed purchasing decisions.


Knowledge of the supplier marketplace is key to our ability to match companies successfully.   We are able to keep track of suppliers’ offerings, locations, strengths and contact points through our information-rich online Supplier Profiles.  On a daily basis, we communicate with suppliers and closely monitor movements in the market. 
       AboutMatch guiding principles 

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