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Many of today’s most successful companies are redefining themselves as data companies. That’s because data is central to understanding customers and business performance, and making informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition. And when it comes to prospecting for new customers, companies often need to buy external data to supplement their inbound marketing programs. Whether you need a simple telemarketing list, or complex data segmentation and analysis, AboutMatch can help you find solutions for your data needs.


One of the most straightforward and established ways to get your message out to new audiences is to rent or buy a list and contact everyone on it! Some list companies specialise in consumer, others in business data, while some focus on telemarketing and mail, and others focus on email lists. On AboutMatch, you can define which channels you want to use to reach which customer segments. So for example, if you’re targeting consumers, you can select age, location, income bracket and occupation as variables, appended with a phone number, to ensure you only pay for the exact data which meets your needs. The better the match between your offering and the target list, the higher the conversion rate – 1-2% is considered a good response.

Marketing lists are a great way to generate awareness of your brand, promote specific offers and get instant customer feedback. Email distribution is much cheaper than mail, as no printing costs are required, however email marketing is an increasingly crowded market. In order for email campaigns to be effective, they need to be designed professionally to stand out from the crowd rather than being consigned to the junk folder or summarily deleted on receipt. If you require a digital agency to assist you with a campaign once you have bought the data, please click complete our quick DIGITAL questionnaire.

Data cleansing and segmentation


One of the biggest challenges companies have is making smart use of all the customer data they collect. Many customer databases are left to “rot” in old legacy systems, with out-of-date contact information, no linkage to CRM systems, and no segmentation. Just as we pay for cleaning services at our offices and homes, so does it pay to use professional “data cleansing” services to make sure customer data is kept fresh, accurate, and sorted and tagged in a meaningful way. The ROI is often immediate, as marketing does not have to deal with huge numbers of “bounce” emails and letters, and customers are segmented so they can receive more relevant and personalised offers.

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