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When it comes to customer engagement, nothing could be more important than having the right people interacting with your customers - and the right-skilled managers to lead the frontline. So it’s worthwhile getting the assistance of specialist recruiters whose entire focus is on the “customer” niche, whether that’s in a contact centre, retail or other type of sales and service environment. These recruiters will have the methodologies, databases and software tools to quickly shortlist suitable candidates.

Contact centre recruitment

Finding the best talent for your contact centre requires a deep understanding of a candidate’s skills, competencies, personality, and even emotional intelligence. Recruiters may run assessment centres to profile candidates, combining role plays, literacy, typing and psychometric tests. More and more, both employers and employees are also seeking workforce flexibility.  With most contact centres experiencing unexpected peaks and trophs, and operating over extended hours, understanding a candidate’s ability to accommodate varying shifts is also important.

Recruiters will of course assist with reference checks with past employers. A range of additional background checks are becoming more common, as companies pay more attention to risk and compliance.

Contact centre support functions, such as workforce management, knowledge management and analytics, have a number of roles which are key to a high-performing operation. For example, the cost of a “wrong hire” of a workforce planner may result in overstaffing which may cost the business all up close to £50,000 per FTE! In such a people-intensive business as contact centres, getting the numbers right is crucial, and the investment in sourcing experts to do this speaks for itself. Contact centre recruitment agencies are well-placed to assist.

Finding true Customer Experience leaders

Customer experience (CX) leaders are in strong demand, as the market plays catch up to the rapidly evolving customer experience discipline. CX crosses over many silos, not just the contact centre, but also marketing, digital and analytics. Understandably, those who thrive in these roles have exceptional stakeholder management and communication skills to get everyone working together to reach over-arching CX goals. To reach these experts – in such short supply – it is recommended to use specialists who can reach passive candidates through targeted search techniques, and who know the top talent inside out.

Whatever the role across your customer operation, no matter how junior or senior, AboutMatch can connect you with the right recruiters and search agencies with a depth of industry knowledge, experience and a rich candidate database.  

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