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Leading industry analyst joins AboutMatch to provide one-stop shop for UK contact centres

UK – January 16
th 2019

is the business world’s answer to online dating, matching the market for hundreds of the products and services which help UK businesses acquire and service customers. The company is an independent division of Matchboard Pty Ltd, a prestigious and rapidly-growing Australian company which has been awarded “2018 Business of the Year”[1] and was named as one of the country’s “200 Businesses of Tomorrow”[2].  

Founder Sharon Melamed announced, “I’m thrilled to advise that Steve Morrell - the experienced contact centre industry analyst 
and founder of ContactBabel – will lead our UK business effective immediately.” 

Steve explains: “I founded ContactBabel in 2001 with the express intention of becoming a trusted source of information to both
 contact centres and their suppliers. Through our large-scale primary research, ContactBabel shows suppliers what their potential customers want, and provides reliable and accurate information to contact centres about what’s available in the market.

“AboutMatch gives the opportunity to make this relationship even closer. The online matching engine interprets the exact needs of the potential customer, generating an accurate shortlist of quality suppliers ready to assist. I am very excited by the possibilities that AboutMatch can offer to the UK customer contact industry, and when the opportunity came to lead the UK expansion of a successful business model, it was an easy decision for me to make.

“While AboutMatch and ContactBabel will continue to operate independently, we will work closely to provide a one-stop shop for UK businesses looking not only for high-quality research and analysis, but also practical and actionable assistance with finding the right supplier for them.”

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