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The team behind AboutMatch has a reputation – a reputation for exceptional service, integrity and knowledge of the marketplace for all things “customer”.  We draw on decades of experience helping businesses reach their goals in acquiring, understanding, supporting and delighting their customers.  From the UK to the US, from Europe and Asia to Australia and beyond, we’ve worked on both sides of the market, as buyers and suppliers. Our global connections and insights into best-practice solutions provide a high-touch complement to our high-tech online matching platform. We look forward to being of service to you!

Sharon MelamedSharon Melamed – Managing Director

Sharon is a digital entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience in sales, service and outsourcing. Through her two B2B matching businesses in Australia - Matchboard and FindaConsultant – she’s helped more than 2000 companies find solutions for their customer needs - earning her the title of “The Matchmaker” in local media.


Having lived and worked in five continents, Sharon speaks several languages, and holds a double honours degree from the University of Sydney.


In 2013, LinkedIn awarded Sharon the coveted Power Profile status for having one of the 50 most visited profiles in Australia. She is a prolific writer and speaker on topics ranging from customer experience and contact centre strategy to how to start an online business. 

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