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Finding the best possible training solutions to suit your business needs can be a daunting task – a simple “customer service training providers UK” search on Google elicits more than half a million results! Luckily there’s a simpler way to find just the training provider for your sales and service needs right here at AboutMatch. Enter the training subjects you require, plus your budget, location and delivery style (online, classroom, one-on-one), and our matching software will pinpoint the best-suited companies to help.

There’s a strong correlation between investment in training and higher corporate performance – including faster growth, innovation, and more engaged employees - which in turn correlates to more engaged customers. With competition for top talent as fierce as ever, and a shortage of skills in some roles, training programs can help an employer stand out of the crowd.

Customer Service Training

Customer service training helps build a consistent service culture across the enterprise, from frontline to manager level. Customer service underpins industries vital for the UK economy, such as tourism, hospitality and retail. That’s not to mention contact centres, which account for 4% of the entire workforce in the UK and are prime candidates for customer service training. An investment in customer service capability is more important than ever in today’s customer-driven business environment.

sales trainingSales Training

Whether in person, by video, by phone or web chat, people are selling everywhere! And with sales being one of the easiest roles to quantify, the onus is on the manager to ensure employees have the requisite skills to ramp up quickly to full sales heartbeat and smash their targets. Sales training can be tailored to individuals’ needs, specific industries and styles, or particular sales techniques can be taught to groups online or in person. Good sales training will motivate employees and give them greater confidence to pitch for new business as well as cross-sell products and services to existing customers.

Digital Skills training

They were once called call centres, handling just telephone calls. But today’s contact centres communicate with customers through a variety of channels from phone and email to web chat and social media, requiring digital upskilling, particularly amongst older employees. The etiquette for web chat is different for social media which is different again for email, and companies can’t expect employees to inherently have knowledge and capability in every channel.

Written skills training is a fast-growing element of most contact centre training programs. However training may uncover that some employees are simply not adaptable to certain channels and the brave new digital world of customer service. Identifying this early can save companies brand damage and poor customer experience.

Leadership training

By investing in its future leaders, companies can foster more opportunities for internal promotion and plan more effectively for succession, fortifying its workforce. One-on-one coaching can help executives create a tailored plan for healthy work/life balance while setting the right foundations for career progression. “Digital” training also applies to leaders who strive to develop their personal brand through social media, or be more active as a voice of the company they represent.

Whether your training needs are for the frontline, specialist staff or mid to senior management, let us take the legwork out of finding the perfect match training solution for you: 

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