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UK Contact Centres - Yesterday. Today and Tomorrow

A sector that employs around 1 in 25 of the UK’s working population doesn’t change overnight, and has shrugged off the fear of offshoring, taken the rise of digital channels in its stride, and now sees artificial intelligence being touted as a threat to its very existence. 

We don’t agree.

After accounting for inflation, the real salary of a contact centre agent is 9% lower than it was 15 years ago, yet they are expected to be able to handle more complex queries, sophisticated technology and multiple channels, all the time keeping a smile in their voice. We see AI as a useful tool for helping these agents - making suggestions, reducing errors and taking away more of the simpler queries – but have seen nothing to suggest the end of the contact centre is nigh.

In large part, contact centres have moved from being process-oriented machines where success was measured in short call durations and high occupancy rates, to customer-focused operations where metrics such as first contact resolution, customer satisfaction and NPS have become more valued as providing a truer picture of how effectively the contact centre is serving their customers. 

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