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Treat customers as individuals with personalised videos

Personalised videos Personalised videos are videos which combine data with text, images, other video segments and audio to deliver a video completely unique to each customer. Personalised videos enhance the customer experience by delivering the right information to the right person in an engaging multimedia format. Some people refer to it as “mail merge on steroids”. 

As business continues to shift from in-person to on-line, one of the biggest challenges is how to make customer communications friendly and personal.  Companies that simply send out bills or statements each month could hardly claim to be offering an engaging customer experience. A technology known as personalised videos is changing all that.  Personalised videos can replace boring bills, static emails and impersonal mass communications with warm and personal videos tailored to each and every customer.


These videos are created by combining data (from CRMs, billing systems or other customer databases & forms) and multimedia content, either in advance or in real time. This new and innovative way of using video not only results in a better experience for the customer, but improved outcomes for the business. 

Real business outcomes

Some of the outcomes organisations report from adoption of personalised videos include:


·         increased revenue through relevant marketing and cross-selling to existing customers – a financial services client reports an 18% uplift in member contributions when the quarterly statement is delivered via video versus standard email, based on A/B testing.

·         stronger brand engagement – typically 80-90% of customers who click a personalised video watch it to completion, and video is a more effective channel than static text and images to build an emotional relationship with customers

·         an increase in Net Promoter Score

·         better customer retention

·         an increase in click-through rates and lead conversions, and

·         a reduction in customer service demand through call centres and branches, as a key objective of personalised videos is often to educate customers about self-service options and pre-handle questions and objections.


“A superannuation/pension fund experienced an uplift of 18% in funds received as a result of personalised video statements.” 

Applications and metrics

Personalised videos are used to engage, retain, attract and educate customers. Typical candidates for personalised videos are:


·         financial services statements

·         telecommunications and utilities bills – for example, an energy company can personalise a video on how to save on power and include the customer’s energy use compared with other households, and potential savings if certain tips are followed

·         not-for-profits, looking to attract more donations from past donors and deepen the level of engagement and understanding

·         universities and health funds onboarding or welcoming new students & customers

·         clubs and other membership based organisations looking to reduce churn and create buzz.


Figure 1: Key metrics for personalised video technology

personalised video KPIs

Features to look for

When selecting a provider of personalised videos, look for:


·         compatibility, by producing standard MP4 videos with no overlays to ensure the broadest device support

·         creative quality

·         flexibility in the personalisation possibilities

·         how re-usable the final videos will be.


Consider privacy and security factors, such as whether the videos are hosted locally in the country of origin, whether publicly or privately, and compliance aspects like being able to store the videos for reproduction, if required.


The typical production time of a personalised video ranges from 4 to 12 weeks and generally pricing is cents or pennies, rather than dollars or pounds per unique video.

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