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Contact centre outsourcing to Fiji
Fiji contact centreFiji may not be the first location that springs to mind for English-language contact centre outsourcing. After all, the country is better known for its image as a beautiful tropical paradise. But over the last several years, Fiji has proven itself as an extremely compelling destination for customer service in the UK, US and Australian markets, and this white paper examines why.

Not only does Fiji compete favourably from a cost perspective with more traditional offshoring destinations such as India and the Philippines, it offers a neutral, easy-to-understand accent (most British consumers find it hard to distinguish from an Australian/New Zealand accent) and a workforce renowned for customer-friendliness. Add in low attrition rates, world-class telecommunications infrastructure and high levels of education, and the reasons Fiji was voted Offshoring Destination of the Year become apparent (National Outsourcing Association award, 2015).

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