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Leveraging Bot Technology in UK Customer Experience
Customer experience management has evolved sharply over the past decade. In many ways UK enterprises are leading this charge, alongside their outsourcing partners. Consumers are looking for greater levels of engagement across a variety of channels, expecting nothing less than excellence in both voice and digital interactions. But, with expectations so high among end-users, how can organisations regardless of vertical manage to drive consumer loyalty? This is especially the case when it comes to new, interactive technologies such as Bots, which in many ways have the possibility of revolutionising how contact centre interactions are delivered, but which at the same time carry risks. 

These were among the points of discussion at a recently-convened roundtable discussion at Ascot by HGS, which brought together UK enterprise customer experience leaders from across different verticals for a frank dialogue about the future of Bot technology. The key points of this session is summarised in this document.

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