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Four Key Features of a World-Class Chatbot

world-class chatbot featuresTechnology is changing the way we communicate with each other, and today’s highly connected digital customers want 24/7 access to information and support across multiple channels and devices. But customer expectations don’t stop there. They also want a seamless end-to-end customer experience, and they want personalised, consistent and accurate information and support. They want one place to ask a question and for the system to instantly assist them. There’s no denying that’s a tall order!

Chatbots and virtual agents are an ideal way to provide always-on self-service options, but not all chatbots are created equal. Here are some key questions to ask when selecting a chatbot or virtual agent platform to provide conversational self-service.

Can the chatbot be integrated with personalised account information?

Logged in or authenticated users should be able to receive responses specific to them. This integration allows the virtual agent to provide individualised information about a customer’s orders, billing, devices, subscriptions, accounts, sales advice, etc. to create a personalised self-service experience.

How will the chatbot help me keep my customer experience consistent and accurate?

Knowledge management is key for delivering accurate and consistent information to customers. By using a single knowledgebase to power your chatbot across contact channels, you can ensure that customers are receiving reliable, consistent information no matter how they chose to engage with you. And instead of trying to guess which contact channel will give them the correct information, customers can contact you with confidence in the way that’s most convenient for them. Using chatbot technology that’s backed by a robust knowledge management platform will also give you options to customise responses by channel (for example, give a shorter answer on a mobile app) and easily update content across all customer support channels in one place.

Can I integrate the chatbot with other channels and support options?

You need to ensure you have the proper integrations in place in order to give customers the flexibility to move to other channels while maintaining the context of their conversations. For example, a customer using the chatbot on your website should have the option to be seamlessly escalated to a live chat agent and have their conversation history passed from virtual to live agent for a continuous experience. Customers should never feel like they are starting over when they transition between channels or support options.

Can the solution bring together virtual and human support channels?

Even though effective self-service is key to keeping customers happy, you can’t ignore the role that contact centre and live chat agents play in the support journey. Selecting the right technology will allow you to also support your human agents with the same knowledgebase that’s powering your self-service chatbot. This not only reinforces consistency across contact channels – both self-service and human-assisted – but it also gives you the opportunity to implement a feedback loop in line with industry best practice. Be sure that the knowledge management platform backing your chatbot solution also offers workflow functionality so your support agents can submit feedback and suggestions to chatbot responses in real-time. This feedback can then be reviewed, changes made to the knowledgebase and updates deployed quickly across all contact channels. This feedback loop enables your live agents to keep content accurate and up-to-date for themselves and the chatbot just by doing their normal jobs.

While some sceptics may view chatbots in the customer service space as a passing fad, the reality is that they are a tried and tested tool for providing digital self-service and are defining the future of customer engagement. By selecting a company with the right technology and experience, you can implement a world-class chatbot that will help you to nurture an expanded, loyal customer base by exceeding their support expectations.

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