Supplier Zone
Supplier Benefits

There are many ways Suppliers benefit from participating in AboutMatch

¥ Targeted leads 
Receive highly targeted new business leads which match your desired business criteria, such as volumes or budget.

¥ Quality checked 
Our experienced verification team screens the leads to ensure they are genuine, and have complete contact details.

¥ Attractive ROI 
ROI is easy to track and measure, outperforming traditional lead generation channels such as advertising, email and telemarketing.

¥ Instantly actionable 
Buyers who submit a request are actively in the market, and have supplied their details because they want to be contacted NOW!

¥ Time-saving 
Focus your team's sales effort on selling rather than time-consuming lead sourcing - and reach your goals faster.
¥ Far-reaching 
Get engaged in opportunities which are not broadly communicated to the market, thanks to AboutMatch's expansive marketing.

¥ Simple pricing 
There are no joining fees or ongoing fees - you pay a success fee just if you win the business.
¥ Flexible 
You dictate the parameters of leads you want to accept, and can change these at any time in your online Supplier Profile.

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